Clever Jewellery Golden Earrings 27 mm Blutenartiger Gold Drops partly open, 4 Elegant Curved Bars and in the middle with White Zirconia 333 gold 8 carat

£ 100.26

  • Pair of gold earrings for the demanding: a leverback earrings total length: approx. 27?mm
  • Gold Earrings: Blutenartiger Gold Drops approximately 13?x 8.5?mm, open part, 4?elegant curved sheets sculptural size approx. 4?mm deep
  • Ladies 'Earrings with eye-catcher: decorated with white zirconia stone in white diamond and finish in the middle, comfort clamp closure
  • All in GLOSS made made from 333/Yellow Gold 8?carat, hallmarked and about 2,18?g heavy
  • Highest quality finish and supplied with clever jewellery bag ideal for presenting as a gift or as a for future reference.